VERITAC Training Course

Veritac Global is running a 3-day hybrid course combining Dismounted Small Team Operations (DSTO) Counter Action Team (CAT) and tactical trauma care (TACTRA) in dynamic environments. Veritac Global is opening up the medical training on Friday 03 Nov 2023 as a stand alone for anyone that would just like to take medical portion only and learn how to manage point of care in traumatic scenarios before EMS arrives.

The full 3-day course covers advanced techniques for multiple teams operating in a dismounted role within austere or non-permissive environments. Fundamentals will be drawn and built upon based on current special operation forces doctrine. It assumes completion of DSTO (or equivalent LE / MIL / other agency training). Progression includes Day 1 medical training of acute trauma management delivered through a combination of didactic lessons, skill stations, and builds with progressive scenario training throughout the weekend. The following 2 days are live fire skills rehearsal and confirmation running students through multi-team executive/close protection principles. DSTO.CAT covers the roles and responsibilities of the Counter Action Teams and elements of QRF.

Low-light and no-light training may be required. This is an add-on rating to the DSTO. The tactical trauma care portion is based on current Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care guidelines and students earn certification in Stop the Bleed®

Prerequisites: For full course must have at least Lvl 1 in past 2 years (preferable is Lvl 3) or any prior DSTO. There are no prerequisites for the Acute Traumatic Range Care on Friday only package.


1 day Acute Traumatic Range Care $98.00
Full 3-day DSTO.CAT/TACTRA course $498.00

You can find more details on VERITAC’s website.

Come out and hone in your skills. Whether you are a once-in-a-while shooter or frequent pro or hunter, the life saving skills you will learn on this course could save a friend, family member, or fellow club member. Accidents happen, don’t find yourself unprepared. Challenge yourself and take your range skills to the next level with the full 3-day course.

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