“Building” a discipline

Volunteers were hard at work over the last few weekends down at the Airsoft field, setting foundations and putting up beams for a new shooting shelter. Airsoft guns being used in VFGPA supported events need to be chronographed for speed and energy, and the new shelter gives a bit of protection in the many rainy […]

VFGPA Gun Show 2023 Report

The Association’s annual gun show was held on July 30th, and while the weather was perfect, attendance was somewhat down from the show in 2021, at about 240 plus dependents or children. Despite this, the parking lots were all full (anyone counted the percentage of pickups?), with overflow going to park on the campground and […]

SIAS Matches Report – June & July 2023

by Cheryl Henley, South Island Action Shooters We held our 3rd and 4th SIAS matches of the season on June 25th and July 23rd. We had 94 people register for the June match so we thought we would finally break an attendance record, but in the end only 80 people showed up to shoot.  At […]

New Dock at Frog Pond

Just in time for the great success at Family Fishing Day this year, the Association had a new floating dock in the pond at Frog Hollow, all thanks to Vern! Through arranging heavy lift equipment, to building up the dock, an ensuring a railing before the 17th, this heroic effort has improved the fishing, at […]

Final Call To Action – Bill C21 at Senate SECD Committee

By Don Senft, VP Operations Beginning in early Sep, Bill C21 will be studied a final time at SECD in the Senate. This will involve public hearings and witness testimony as Senators consider amendments or potentially even rejection of this vote pandering piece of political theatre being used to attack our community.  This is our […]

VEMRA Edwardian Trap Shoot

by Tom Sturgill, VEMRA Amid the rain and cloud, there was a bit of a different crowd on the shotgun range one day in June: a collection of Edwardian-era reenactors, braving the elements to shoot a round of trap in a most classic fashion. Five brave souls stood forth and ventured out into the rain, […]

Security Update

By Don Senft, VP Operations I am saddened to report that we have seen an issue developing in and around our Association that I want to bring to the attention of our members. Over the past few months, we have seen a dramatic increase in thefts and break ins both at our facilities and on […]

DFO Re-Alignment of South Island SFACs

by Wayne Zaccarelli The Victoria Sport Fishing Advisory Committee (SFAC) first met at their inaugural meeting held on September 18, 1996. They, along with the Renfrew-Cowichan SFAC,  represented recreational fishing issues within Fishery Management Areas (FMA) 18, 19, 20 and 121. The area covered included Saanich Inlet, Cowichan Bay, the Southern Gulf Islands, Sidney and […]

New 8th Edition Big Game Records Book Available

by Wayne Zaccarelli A new 8th edition (2023) big game records book is now available from the Wildlife Records Club of B.C. This is the official records book for exceptional big game species native to British Columbia. The book lists more than 10,750 entries in 20 categories and more than 750 new entries since the […]

SIAS Update, June 2023

by Cheryl Henley, SIAS Director Despite our first Match of the season, scheduled for March 5th, being cancelled, the SIAS season has continued full steam ahead! It’s rare that we cancel a Match, but with a snow report of 5 inches on the ground at the MP Range and the road up having limited accessibility, […]