South Island Action Shooters End-of-Season

by Cheryl Henley, South Island Action Shooters

Apart from one last 3 Gun Match on October 15th, our shooting season is now over.

We hosted our monthly SIAS match on August 20th and had 55 people come out to shoot.  Our last match of the season, our Club Championship, was held on September 24th, we had 66 people come out to shoot.

Our Top Gun winners for the year were:

Classic                                     1st overall Freddie L, 2nd Wolfgang K.

Production Optics                1st overall Ryan O      2nd Lei Ma

Open                                        1st overall Vince V     2nd Andrew A

Standard                                1st overall Jarrod G    2nd Oleg M

PCC                                          1st overall Tim H

Revolver                                 1st overall Roger T

Production                             1st overall Dexter B   2nd Thor J

                                                  1st C    Scott A            1st D  Tim R

I’m hopeful that some of our members will step up to put on a few Steel matches over the off season, utilizing the cover the Cowboy Action ranges offer.

A number of SIAS members helped our fellow shooters at Nanaimo Fish and Game put on IPSCBC Provincials over the Labour Day weekend.  It was a busy, but fun filled, and challenging 3 days.  Special thanks to Dom P, Doug B, Jay Y, Stacy D, Tim H, Vic B, Freddie L, Dasha H, Dawne D, Joe S and Carl G who all pitched in to help with various things.

Over 160 competitors tested their skills shooting 15 different Courses of Fire over the 3 days.  A number of VFGPA members won Match awards including: Dom P, Dexter B, Dan Z, Mark N, Oleg M Sr and Jr, Ryan O, Todd A, Vince V and Stacy D.

A number of others earned a place in the top 10 of their Division for the year; Oleg M Jr., Andrew A, Glen S, Vince V, Oleg M, Dexter B, Dan Z, Harrison G, Ryan O and Jay Y.  Oleg M Jr also earned the top spot on the Standard Division team that IPSCBC will be sending to Nationals next year.  Congratulations to them all!

Until next year!