AGM and Elections 2023

With the beginning of spring, the AGM and Elections have also come around once more, with addresses from the Executive and discipline Directors, presentation of an award, and election of new discipline Directors and Executive members. Key among the Executive elected for the 2023-2024 year, our new President is Andrew Lemon (pictured, blue plaid shirt).

Wayne Zaccarelli presented an award to Doug Carter (pictured) for his 140lb blacktail. Remember that there are a number of other awards available, ensure you submit your harvest to be considered for next year!

The 2023-2024 Executive has been elected as follows:

President: Andrew Lemon
VP-Ops: Don Senft
VP-Sports and Innovation: Paul MacNeil
VP-Member Services: George Ambeault
Treasurer: Bruce McAllister
Secretary: Stephen Beagle
And, of course
Past President: Doug Bancroft

President’s Note

I would like to take a moment to thank our executive, directors, and members for the confidence they have voiced in me, as well as their unwaveringly kind words of support, as I step into my role as president. Doug Bancroft, our past president, has now donned the mantle of president for the BCWF Region #1 and has left big shoes for me to fill. I will endeavor to hold myself to the highest standard during my tenure, and look forward to seeing our continued growth both as a community and a facility.

When like-minded people, of common needs and values, come together this is when a true and strong community is formed. We have weathered the storms of the last three years together (i.e., the OIC, Covid, and bill C-21). Given our current political landscape, we will have further challenges. However, as an active and strong community of almost 5000 members, we have within us and amongst us the resources to continue to rise to the occasion, to persist, to succeed, and to overcome whatever comes our way.

In 2019 we celebrated our 100th anniversary as a community, which says a lot. You have an excellent executive and board of directors who are working hard to represent you and your interests within our community. Stand with them. Be active, and bring a friend or a friend’s family so they can add their voices to our own, and together we’ll set the path to see our 150th anniversary.

Best regards,

Andrew Lemon
President, Victoria Fish and Game Protective Association

From the Past President

As I step down as President, I wish to underscore the tremendous leadership team that has supported our Association over the past several “years of challenge”.

The current Executive and Board Directors have an incredible depth of core competencies. They are smart, experienced, hardworking, and dedicated to our shared vision.

Additionally, our amazing staff constantly deliver the best in services and support. Indeed, our current roster is the strongest ever.

Finally, we have the largest and best trained cadre of Range Safety Officers of any that I have seen in Canada.

In sum, we are in good hands.

See you at the range.

Doug Bancroft
Past President, Victoria Fish and Game Protective Association