Big Game Competition Annual Report 2022

Competition for the six trophies is open to all VFGPA members who harvest Columbian Blacktail deer or Black bear within Region 1 (Vancouver Island sub-units 1-1 through 1-13).

Only one deer was entered during the 2022 hunting season as follows:

  • Doug Carter 140 lb. Nov. 10

Only one set of Blacktail antlers were submitted for measuring:

  • Doug Carter R3 L3 82-3/8 pts. (Boone & Crockett scoring system)

The following trophies listed below are available. Current winners are listed where applicable:

  • McIlwaine Van & Storage Perpetual for largest deer taken by rifle (established 1955) – Doug Carter 140 lb.
  • Victoria Fish & Game Perpetual for largest scoring antlers (established 1966) – Doug Carter 82-3/8 pts.
  • Bob Hollingworth Memorial Perpetual for largest buck deer by junior (established 1983) – NO ENTRY
  • Robinson’s Sporting Goods Perpetual for largest deer by bow & arrow (established 1970) – NO ENTRY
  • Malahat Marauders Perpetual for largest deer taken by muzzleloader (established 1990) – NO ENTRY
  • Victoria Fish & Game Perpetual for largest scoring Black bear (established 1998) – NO ENTRY

Big Game Record Books

Copies of the ninth edition (2016) of the Vancouver Island Columbian Blacktail Deer Records are available for $10 each. The publication lists 2184 entries scoring 100 or more Boone & Crockett points. The largest entry scores 143-5/8 and was taken at Oyster River in 1942. The booklet also features several interesting articles and numerous photos.

Copies of the Big Game Records of British Columbia (7th edition, 2017) are available at a cost of $35 each. This hard cover edition contains more than 10,000 entries in 19 big game categories. It also features articles, hunting stories and colour photos.