A Letter to the Association

by Gary Kangas, Lifetime Member

I am astonished that most parliamentarians, columnists, commentators and activists have not read Bill C21 and amendments to discover how cleverly crafted the legislation is. With provisions that will alter the civil liberties of all Canadians that includes you! An individual may be charged with a criminal offence with no evidence and no crime committed. I believe the Act is designed to confiscate all firearms in Canada over time based on variants if read carefully that has become very evident. Bill C21 and amendments are directed at legal, licensed RCMP vetted firearms owners who do not commit gun crime. In 2021 only 12% of firearms homicides were committed with legal, licensed firearms, some of these were committed by police. 82% were committed with smuggled, illegally obtained firearms by criminals!

I believe Trudeau and company are committed to controlling the press most of which has already been accomplished, manipulating the media via the CBC and also wanting to control the internet. Plus the regime wants to dictate what is the truth and what is hate speech being anything said that is anti government. The gun ban in C21 is there to divert attention from the suspension of civil liberties that are an integral part of the legislation and amendments, it is all designed to extinguish sports shooting, competitions completely and limited hunting to ultimately obliterate the sport. Also, Bill C21 erases inheritance, property rights and civil Iiberties. The document is superbly crafted to misdirect attention from the intent to alter Canadian culture that allows an authoritarian state to be formed which is able to dissolve freedom in Canada!

In my opinion Bill C21 contains nothing to affect public safety! Bill C21 and amendments are ideologically based and politically driven, the Bill will not affect gun crime in any way! All the legislation passed by Liberal regimes since 1994 have had zero effect on gun crime and gun violence!

You must make everyone aware that C21 must not be passed in any form.

Editor’s note: This letter was addressed to the association, and we are publishing it for the awareness of all members. We should all strive to be as engaged as Gary in addressing Bill C21.

Additional background: Gary Kangas, for those who may be new to our association, is a long-time member of VFGPA.

He is a past Board Member, and personal mentor to at least hundreds of members, if not thousands. His contributions to VFGPA and to the shooting sports are so numerous that we would need 8-10 pages of script just to cover the highlights. A few years ago, the membership paid him the honour of a Lifetime membership to our Association. Gary has been front and centre, fighting for our firearms rights, since before Liberal MP Alan Rock started this whole mess with Bill C-68 in the early 1990’s. If you are a member of the National Firearms Association, you will have read his columns in the Canadian Firearms Journal, as he is a regular contributor to the Journal. Over the many years, Gary and his wife, Sybil, have been heavily involved in championing the cause of Canadian Firearms owner’s rights and privileges. They have worked very hard on an ongoing basis to prevent the passing of needless and useless Canadian firearms laws and regulations. We all need to take up that cause; now, more than ever.

Read more here: https://vfgpa.org/2023/02/urgent-reminder-to-engage/