COVID-19 Update #2

Written 23-Mar-2020
Originally distributed via email to our members.

VFGPA Members, 

Your Executive, Board and Discipline Chairs have been keeping a close watch on the changing Federal and Provincial responses to the COVID-19 pandemic.  After careful review, the following additional measures are now in affect at the VFGPA facilities until further notice:

  • Multi-Purpose Bays shall each be limited to groups no more than 3 people, or direct family members;
  • Shotgun skeet shall each be limited to groups of 3 people, or family members. When shooting skeet a two meter distance must be maintained between all persons at all times;
  • The use of each Trap fields shall be limited to 3 or less shooters. Shooters must be separated by two posts and the trap puller is to maintain a two meter distance at all times.
  • In the case of the Rifle-Pistol range, each second firing position has been closed.  In addition, one should avoid any collective gathering of individuals at a firing point, and those that do should only be close family members.  All users must maintain the mandated minimum 2m spacing;
  • The main club house galley is closed, as there is now a provincial health order to require all restaurants in B.C. to move to take out and delivery only (no consumption on premises).

In addition, non-shooters (i.e. those without a PAL) cannot be safely supervised without getting closer than the directed social distancing.   Therefore, unless it is an immediate family member, non-shooter instruction and training on the range is not permitted.

Most VFGPA courses have been cancelled with the exception of the Range Orientation Course.  The March 25 course is proceeding as scheduled.  The CRSO and I will reassess whether the 8 April one will proceed based on further government direction.

Finally, please note that it is the individual and personal responsibility of all VFGPA Members to comply with these new health directives. Even on the RP range, we do not always have an official RSO on duty to ensure compliance. Individuals not complying with these measures risk our facility being closed entirely by the BC Government.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.  

Of note, the Nanaimo Fish and Game Protective Association just announced the closure of their ranges.  VFGPA benefits from the more dispersed lay out of our facilities.  That said, further federal or provincial restrictions could lead to our own closure in the weeks ahead.

Please stay healthy out there!

Douglas Bancroft