Rimfire Nation Day! Rifle-Pistol Range; 8am to 5pm. See Details

Rimfire Nation Discovery Days
Rimfire Nation Discovery Days are new events in the CRPS 2022 Season.

The Rimfire Nation Discovery Day is a 1-day demonstration and exhibition event created to allow shooters to come out and see all the competition formats that CRPS hosts each year. Along with demo stages corresponding to the different competitions, we will also have demonstration equipment from our sponsors and is a great opportunity to try out the latest and greatest gear under match conditions.

The cost for shooting participants is $30 and includes ammo. Non shooting participants are welcome.

Some of the sample stages will include:
• Outlaw Rimfire Precision Series Stages – steel targets placed between 25-
100 yards. (PRS-style match)
• Canadian Rimfire Precision Series Stages – steel targets placed between
100-300 meters (PRS-style match)
• Rimfire Raceguns – steel targets placed between 10-25 meters (Steel
• Silhouette – 1/5 scale NRA smallbore steel silhouette targets placed
between 40, 60, 77 and 100 meters.
• Rimfire Precision Target – Paper targets placed at 50 and 100m

Sponsors of the Rimfire Nation Discovery Days include:
Savage Arms
MDT Sporting Goods
Athlon Optics
Eley Ammunition