SIAS Monthly Report – May 2024

By Cheryl Henley, SIAS Rep

Our second SIAS match of the year was held on April 7th, we had 68 people come out to shoot. A 3 Gun Match was held on April 28th and our next SIAS match is set for May 5th.

We are set to host a level 3 IPSC match over May 18th and 19th, which will also include a number of Pistol Calibre Carbine (PCC) shooters. Due to the handgun freeze, this is an up and coming division in the world of action shooting. The weekend will see 130 competitors come out to shoot 12 Courses of Fire.

Please Note: In preparation for this event, the MP range will be closed for maintenance and set up, followed by the Match itself, from Wednesday May 15th to Sunday May 19th and will reopen to members on Monday May 20th. For SIAS matches the MP Range closes at 1pm on the Saturday for set up and is completely closed on the Sunday of the SIAS match, so please check the Club Calendar online before making the drive up.

If you are interested in our sport, think about coming up to watch a Match; there’s always someone around who can tell you what’s going on and answer any questions you have.

Our third SIAS Range Safety Course of the year was on April 27th. This mandatory 4 hour course covers the essentials that people need to know to come out and shoot matches with us. For those of you who missed out on owning a handgun, you can still come out and shoot with us if you own a Pistol Calibre Carbine.

Exciting news! You can now register and pay for the SIAS Range Safety Course online! Follow the link on the Club Calendar to the course description page and find the registration link. Please note you MUST have completed Holster training before being allowed to take this course, unless of course you plan on shooting Pistol Calibre Carbine.

The MP Clubhouse got a new deck on April 27th. A great group of SIAS members came out to build it, thanks to Dom P, Dave G, Jon S, Jerry H, Les G, Todd A, Oleg M and Oleg M Jr.! The original one was built in 2001, so it was time to replace it, the new one looks amazing!

Email or for more information about our sport.