Family Fishing Day 2024

Every year our provincial government waives the requirement for residents of Canada – individuals who have lived in Canada for the preceding 12 months – to buy or carry a non-tidal (freshwater) basic fishing license. This is partly to raise interest in fishing, but also to bring awareness of the issues fisheries face, from land development to logging, and pollution.

As one of the pillars of the Association (the F in VFGPA stands for Fish), we hold a fishing day on Father’s Day every year; this year, that will be June 15th. All members are welcome to come by to Frog Hollow and try their hand at our stocked Trout Pond, and children are welcome to take home one of the fish they catch.

One of the sponsors of the event, the Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC will be on site with some fishing gear, advice, and to help clean any fish that may be on the way home for someone’s supper!