Boom… Now What?

By Tina Clark, VP Member Services

Are you looking to do some hunting this year? Why not join us and attend the course, Boom… Now What?

This course is put on by Matt Rempel who is a butcher and avid hunter, and who owns and operates Dino Meats, located outside of Williams Lake. During this course, Matt will cover many important skills and pieces of information that every hunter should know before heading into the bush. We will cover several topics, including what makes a good knife a good knife, how to properly sharpen that knife and use a honing rod, meat science and what happens to an animal before, during and after it is shot, as well as covering some butchering techniques.

This course will help clarify some common misconceptions that persist in the hunting community as well as help give you a great foundation to help ensure the animals you harvest are in the best condition possible. If you are interested in joining us, please feel free to check out the available dates and sign up! Hope to see you there!

Sunday June 16, 2024:

Saturday June 22, 2024: