AGM & Elections – March 18th 2024

In accordance with the Societies Act of BC, the Victoria Fish & Game Protective Association hereby gives notice of its 2024 Annual General Meeting.

To be held on March 18, 2024 at 7:00pm at the Strawberry Vale Community Hall, 11 High Street, Victoria BC.



Agenda as follows:

  • Call meeting to order & acceptance of the Agenda for the 2024 AGM
  • Acceptance of the Minutes from the previous AGM
  • Officers’ Reports
  • Directors’ Reports
  • For Decision: Motion to approve life membership nominations.
  • Special Resolution for Decision: The following membership rate fee increases for 2025 are hereby proposed by the Directors, as the services and utilities the range pays for to ensure day-to-day operation of the range have gone up. These new rates are a 5% increase, rounded up to the nearest $5.
Membership Type Current Price Proposed 2025 Price
Adult 300 315
Family 350 370
Senior 175 185
Junior 75 80


Brief intermission

  • State of the Union Address / Annual Report: President
  • Presentation for the decision approval of Draft Financial Statements for 2023
  • Hunting & Fishing Awards for 2023/24: Dennis Roberts

Begin AGM Elections

  • M/C: TBD
  • Appointment of two scrutineers by M/C
  • Election of the Executive, with the following proposed slate, and additional nominations from the floor:
    • President: Andrew Lemon
    • Vice-President, Operations: Don Senft
    • Vice-President, Sports & Innovation: Paul MacNeill
    • Vice-President, Member Services: TBD
    • Treasurer: George Ambeault
    • Secretary: Stephen Beagle
  • Election of six Members at Large, with the following proposed slate, and additional nominations from the floor:
    • Continuity: Dom Piluso
    • Compliance: David Busch
    • Youth Groups & School Engagement: Tim Doherty
    • Juniors Program & Ranger: Chris Stevens
    • Risk Management: Martin Nichols
    • Access: Rod Parker
  • Introduction of Officers & Members at Large
  • Photograph of the new board, including discipline representatives
  • A few words from our President Elect & presidential appointments
  • Motion for adjournment


AGM Documents