Membership Update

We continue to explore ways to make things easier for our volunteers and members. On the homepage, there is now a box that will take you directly to your sign-in. Here you can check the information the club has on you and make corrections if needed. The greyed-out boxes can not be changed but if an error is detected, please email with your name and information to be corrected. We have switched to using credit cards instead of PayPal. We hope, that made renewal easier.

We have released an application that will allow RSO’s and Discipline Directors to determine the status of a member (plus Police) and their credentials. This would include membership status, orientation date, waiver date, and other qualifications. The latter includes holster and trap at this point. No personal information is shown other than name and number. When all this is done and the historical data entered, members will not have to be concerned about losing the cards as it will all be electronic.

The next project is to utilize the system for event registration, waiver checking and payment of items at the range. This allows non-members to sign the waiver and pay for the event and should streamline the enter process. Thanks to Cheryl Henley for helping with this project.