SIAS Matches Report – June & July 2023

by Cheryl Henley, South Island Action Shooters

We held our 3rd and 4th SIAS matches of the season on June 25th and July 23rd.

We had 94 people register for the June match so we thought we would finally break an attendance record, but in the end only 80 people showed up to shoot.  At our July match we had 68 people come out to compete.

We held a letter writing campaign to the Senate and senators who will be reviewing Bill C-21 in September at our last Match. Island Reloading, Island Outfitters and J Gould donated prizes for a draw for those who brought a letter. Another of our members, Lawrence Jovellanos, contributed the printed envelopes, to not just the 11 Senators on the committee, but all of the senators. We ended up sending 190 letters off that expressed our concern about the Bill as it is currently written.

We held two SIAS Range Safety Courses in June and July, with a total of 7 students. Our next, and final SIAS Range Safety Course of the year is slated for September 23rd.  We are working on putting something together in our Findijoo system that will allow people to sign up and pay for the SIAS Range Safety Course online in the future, stay tuned!

Our last two SIAS matches of the year are scheduled for August 20th and September 24th.

On July 8th & 9th we hosted two IPSCBC sanctioned matches.  These matches are an incredible amount of work to put on properly, to ensure that everything meets IPSC standards, that all rules are followed, and most of all, make our Club look good!

As usual a number of our amazing SIAS group stepped up to help out, even those who aren’t IPSCBC members, and one who hasn’t even started to shoot with us yet, brought his utility trailer and SUV up to haul props out to the Bays!  A HUGE shout out and thanks to all of those who came out and worked hard to make sure the Matches ran smoothly and made our Club shine!!

And shine it did!  We’ve been approached not only to hold Provincials, but are being encouraged to bid on Nationals in the next couple of years!

We also want to give a shout out to Callum and Digable Roots, a local chef who has a food truck and co-farms with one of our fellow VFGPA members. Check out their Facebook page! They catered lunch for 130 hungry shooters each day, and made everyone happy with their food and service!