Security Update

By Don Senft, VP Operations

I am saddened to report that we have seen an issue developing in and around our Association that I want to bring to the attention of our members.

Over the past few months, we have seen a dramatic increase in thefts and break ins both at our facilities and on the properties of many of the neighbours around VFGPA.

Most recently, our neighbour had several pieces of equipment and tools stolen off his property, and in the past few months, we have also had our Clubhouse broken into and some minor theft of materials from our property.  This follows on the heels of the break in and theft at the Airsoft clubhouse last year.

As a result of this activity, we are taking significant steps to ensure your investment in our facilities and equipment is well protected.  Our manager David Michaud is working with staff to ensure all valuable property is secured at all times.  We are adding additional security lighting throughout the property to ensure the area is well lit and as a deterrent to those that choose to skulk around and steal from the Association.  You will also see both cameras and signage being put up that will ensure coverage of our common property.  To respect your privacy, at this time these cameras will not be in use on any of the firing lines.

Additionally, we will be strictly enforcing the policy of locking the main access gate overnight.  If you are camping, the gate will be locked.  There are no in and out privileges at the campground, which is in line with all Provincial Parks in BC as well.  We do have a resident caretaker on site in the event of a true emergency situation that occurs overnight.   You will note as well that the service gate adjacent to the main entrance will remain locked, and is for contractor use only.  Too many individuals have been bypassing sign in and using this contractor’s entrance.

We have sadly seen repeated theft of a myriad of minor items.  First Aid kits have been pilfered of bandages and other critical life saving supplies, and even light bulbs have been stolen from range facilities.  I would ask each of you to step up your vigilance of our property while you are present, and if you see someone or something unusual, please make staff aware so we can address the issue.  These minor thefts cost us money, and our funding comes from your memberships, so each of these small thefts is directly costing you money.  Please help us ensure this ceases to be an issue.  A reminder that if you do access a First Aid Kit due to a legitimate need, please fill out the usage log so we can replace the items that have been consumed, and let a staff member know the kit needs a refill.  We must have these kits fully stocked and readily accessible on all our ranges, they cannot be locked away.

We are taking a number of other steps to secure our property, including a number of physical upgrades to security infrastructure and systems, but we won’t be advertising all of these. We are striking a solid balance between visible deterrence, and physical security and monitoring to ensure your property is well secured at all times, and so we can find those stealing from us, and turn them over to the RCMP for prosecution.

Please help us in securing your property by being security aware while on the property, and working to support staff as they increase our security measures at all of our facilities.

Thanks for your support of this important effort.