New 8th Edition Big Game Records Book Available

by Wayne Zaccarelli

A new 8th edition (2023) big game records book is now available from the Wildlife Records Club of B.C. This is the official records book for exceptional big game species native to British Columbia. The book lists more than 10,750 entries in 20 categories and more than 750 new entries since the 7th edition in 2017; all based on the Boone & Crockett scoring system. The book contains many great field photos and over 40 hunting stories as told by the hunter who harvested the animal. This hardcover edition contains 560 pages.

The Club’s Mission Statement is “To maintain a permanent record of outstanding big game from the province of British Columbia; to set standards and guidelines in the rules of fair chase and sportsmanship; and to create awareness and interest in our exceptional wildlife resources and their conservation.” The Wildlife Records Club of B.C. was originally conceived and formed in Kamloops in 1967. The Club has qualified scorers located throughout the province. Since 1982, the directorship of the Club has been based on Vancouver Island.

The regular 8th edition is available at $60 (plus $20 postage if mailed). A numbered and signed (by editor and president) Limited Edition version is available at $80 (plus $20 if mailed). Contact Wayne Zaccarelli at or 250-382-8502.