South Island Action Shooters – Club Championship Match

We held our last SIAS Range Safety Course of the year on September 24th. We gained 9 new SIAS members from the class, 3 of whom came out and shot our last Match of the year and can’t wait for Spring when our season resumes.

Our final match of the year was held on September 25th, our Club Championship match. We had 75 people come out to shoot. The weather was glorious, and a good time was had by all.

Our Top Gun winners for the season are:

Open Division:

  • 1st Vince V
  • 2nd Andrew A

PCC Division:

  • Lawrence J

Standard Division:

  • 1st Jarrod G
  • 2nd Oleg M
  • 3rd Kevin W

Production Optic Division:

  • 1st Lei M
  • 2nd Wolfgang K
  • Top C Charles D
  • Top D Danielle L

Production Division:

  • 1st Andrew B
  • Top B Thor J,  2nd B Harrison G
  • Top C John W, 2nd C Garth R
  • Top D Dylan V

Congratulations to all!

As we don’t have the luxury of shooting from undercover, unlike other disciplines, our Action Pistol season is now over until March. With that said, if you’re up on the MP Range and you see people shooting at funny looking hexagonal targets and our sport interests you, please feel free to wander over, introduce yourself and ask questions, we’re a welcoming group who are always looking to hook other people on our sport!