The Lighter Side of Airsoft

The Airsoft sport can mean many things to different people. Activities range from very casual ad hoc games with your friends all wearing t-shirts & blue jeans to very serious international competitions which have extremely strict engagement rules including rules about the uniform of the day.

Many people believe Airsoft is just for kids. It may surprise them to know the main demographic is actually adults in the 20 – 35 year old range. The more serious participants in the sport often spend thousands of dollars on their gear. They will often seek out at least one game each weekend and may end up travelling hundreds, if not thousands of miles, for the larger organized events.

The VFGPA Airsoft discipline follows in the tradition of the club being very family oriented. Our club has hosted players ranging from 8 to 70 years in age and our style of game play attempts to emphasize the “fun” side of the sport. As an example, each year we try to host a couple of specially themed events. Our last game day in 2021 was our Christmas event complete with “Tactical Santa”. Naturally the Elves had to defend Santa as he went about his business of delivering presents to the children but the Grinch and his Minions were doing their best to thwart that. A couple of pictures of Jim Hawkins who graciously agrees to be our Santa each year are included.

We have a full schedule for 2022 lined up in the club calendar with events being hosted every other Sunday. We play rain, shine or snow provided it’s safe to drive the Malahat and we can get into the Airsoft range. Come out and say “hi” during one of our events. We can provide safety glasses to those who just want to spectate and are always happy to answer questions about the sport.