VWS Archery Event! AR 9:00am

Come on out to have some fun learning how to shoot a bow and arrow!

Please contact:  Jane Marksman   victoriawomensshootingclub@gmail.com     to register

Just a reminder that the Archery Club has invited our Victoria Women Shooters to show up at their range and have some fun learning how to shoot with a bow and arrow!  After the superb instruction & a little practice – and if time permits – there will also be an optional hike along the trail where some of their 3-D critters lurk.  By that time you’ll be an experienced archer, able to “defend” yourself as you hike through the “wilderness”!

Cost is $15 plus the day pass/insurance (also $15) if you’re not a member of Victoria Fish & Game.  That would be $15 for VFGPA members and $30 for the non-members.  Juniors are free.

Please reply to us here at:  victoriawomensshootingclub@gmail.com by Thursday, March 19  to register.
Following are plans for the day from Archery Director, Doug Bell:

– Meet in the Archery clubhouse at about 0900 (Coffee will be on)

– Gear up, sort out who is shooting what bow, arm guards and finger tabs etc. Learn how to string bows

– Go up onto the field and do a quick “basics of shooting” session

–  Fling some arrows with tutoring

– Learn how to safely pull arrows
  – Shoot some more
  – Swap out the equipment and do it again. Depending on the numbers we may have 2 or 3 groups of shooters.
  – Time and energy permitting we can walk a small portion of the 3D trail and shoot a few of the targets.  You will learn how to find lost arrows
  – Back at the clubhouse we can go over getting your own archery gear and what not to do.

Doug also says, “Children are welcome provided they are supervised, however I may be putting a bow in their hands too so they can join in.” 

Like most shooting sports, archery is an activity for all ages.  No charge for Juniors 18 years or under.

*** For those of you who have already registered, please note the time change — 09:00 – a half-hour earlier than previously reported.