Project Mapleseed: SG: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM – Pre-Registration Required;

Pre-Registration Required; details Below!

In partnership with Project Mapleseed, the VFGPA is hosting a Mapleseed Event on Wednesday, June 29th.  Online pre-registration required.

Project Mapleseed is a Canadian, civilian, marksmanship program.  It is a non-project, volunteer organization dedicated to bringing rifle marksmanship fundamentals instruction to Canadians coast to coast.

A Mapleseed Event is a one-day marksmanship instruction event that provides attendees with a full day of marksmanship instruction in the 3 core rifle shooting positions – Standing, Sitting/Kneeling, and Prone.  Attendees are taught the principles needed to build a stable shooting position, the 6 steps of firing the perfect shot and finding their Natural Point of Aim.

Mapleseed Events are intended for anyone interested in learning about and improving their understanding of the marksmanship fundamentals.  Men, women, children, young or old, new or experienced, all can benefit from the course of instruction provided.

Register for the Mapleseed Event online at Eventbrite.

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Or, contact Darrin Ostapowich at



As of Friday April 8th 2022, all specific COVID-19 risk mitigation measures at the VFGPA are suspended, in accordance with public health directives.  This includes:

• Indoor physical distancing
• Wearing of masks indoor
• Proof of vaccination for all indoor courses

Thank you for your patience over the last two years!

Updated April 8th 2022