S.I.A.S. Range Safety Course: MP Bay C & MP-CH 10am-1pm

South Island Action Shooters Range Safety Course

In-Class and on the Range, 4 hour Course for New Shooters to Action Shooting, that would like to take part in the SIAS club matches.      

Students must have valid PAL, be members of VFGPA, and bring their own firearm, magazines, magazine pouches, belt, & holster, with a minimum 100 rounds of ammo.

Course fee is $20.00  (Fee must be paid in advance. Payment is collected online when you register below.)

Maximum 10 students per class.

PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED (Click on the date link below for the course you want to register in):

Feb. 25, 2024

Mar. 16, 2024

Apr. 27, 2024

Jun. 22, 2024

Jul. 27, 2024

Sep. 21, 2024

Additional Information

Students should already be familiar with their firearm, have some experience and/or practice on the range, and have taken the Holster course.   You should already be familiar with how to safely holster and draw your firearm, control the muzzle, align the sights to hit your target, be able to smoothly press the trigger, and also safely clear a malfunction WITHOUT putting your finger on the trigger.

If you need some further training with these skills, we have a ‘Handgun Essentials’ course that can help you with that, and much more as well.

The course will cover Action Shooting basics. The classroom portion goes through things such as history of the sport, types of targets, scoring, range commands and safety rules and then moves out onto the range for live fire exercises that run through some of the basic skills that we need people to demonstrate they can do safely to participate in a Match, things such as shooting strong hand/weak hand, kneeling, prone, through ports and around barricades and doing magazine changes when moving.  While you are learning the exercises the focus will be on your muzzle control and keeping your finger out of the trigger guard while not actively engaging a target.  Once you successfully complete this course you are welcome to come out and participate in SIAS Club matches, we will pair you with an experienced shooter who will continue to mentor you until you are comfortable with your newfound skills.


Send an email to the S.I.A.S. Director (sias@vfgpa.org) or call the Range Staff at (250) 858-8342.


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