Pre-Registration Required: Trap Access Program, CH 12:30 pm

This short (approximately 1 hour) course will allow you to sign-out keys to access the Trap Machines.

This training and safety course is FREE to members (members ONLY).

You must attend a few of the Scheduled Trap Practice sessions, be approved by one of the Shotgun Directors, and successfully complete this course;  then your name is added to the “Authorized” list, allowing you to sign out the Trap House keys, and use the Token Boxes and Trap Machines.

Tokens will be available to buy from the Manager/Caretaker.  There will be a classroom portion, as well as a hands-on training portion.

If you have any questions about the program please ask the Range Manager: David, or the Trap Directors:  Daryl Gardner, or Paul Hagel.



Shotgun Range