Range Orientation Session: Main Clubhouse 10am-Noon

Limited size, to comply with COVID requirements.  Pre-registration is a MUST!!


EMAIL David at manager@vfgpa.org to register.  You will get a return email confirming attendance, or stating that the session is full, and you will need to choose another date.

Thank-you for your understanding and patience while we work through the logistics of this.

–Dom Piluso–


New to the Range?

Want to know what to do and how to be safe?

Have any questions about the Range Rules?

Are you a Long-time member and have always wondered why we do certain things?

Our Club is a non-profit club, and this session will help explain what goes on at our club, and your responsibilities as a member.

This session goes through all of our Range Rules, and will answer any questions you may have on what and why we do the things that we do at our range.

It is an informal format, so you can ask questions as the session progresses.  Start time is 2pm sharp, and will run approximately 2 hours.