Military Bolt Action Rifle Event!! RP closed until 2pm. Spectators Welcome!!

The VFGPA wants rifle shooters to attend an exciting “Bolt Action Military Rifle” Match;

Military Bolt Action Rifles from 1869 to WWII

Shooters Orientation; Rifle/Pistol Range;  10:00am Sharp!

Advance across ‘No-Mans-Land’;  10:30am

Round Count; 40

Military Uniform of your rifle’s country and Era recommended, or dress as a partisan

Military Canteen; Bottled Water and Packaged Snacks available

Certificates of Proficiency and valor to be awarded

Entry fee;  $10.00

Pre-registration Requested.

Contact Gary & Sybil Kangas;  250-474-3244


Eye and Ear Protection Mandatory!!!

Rifle/Pistol Range