Introduction to Handgun Course: CH Closed 7-9pm


Introduction to Handgun & PPC Instruction Course

We will be hosting another ‘Introduction to handgun’ course on the evening of Friday, and during the day on Saturday.   It is a total of approximately 8 hours of both classroom and practical instruction that covers everything from safe gun handling to holster training, sight picture and trigger control, using PPC (Police Pistol Competition) as the model.  If you are interested in shooting your handgun accurately, learning to shoot a handgun, or just plain fun and enjoyment, contact the Website of the Colwood PPC Club, at and click on ‘Intro to PPC ‘and ‘Training’ to get more information.


This is an ‘Introduction’ course, so you do not need to supply anything; we will supply all equipment, firearms, targets, The total cost is $150.00 including 3 boxes of 38 special ammo. See web links for more information.