Vancouver Island Police Pistol Combat Championships; RP, RH & CH closed all day

Preparation and Sight-in day for our Big PPC (Police Pistol Competition) Match of the Year!!

The year, we are please to host the Vancouver Island Police Pistol Combat Championships.  This is an invitational match that attracts shooters from not only Vancouver Island, but the whole of Canada, with guests that come to participate from as far away as the USA & Europe.

We expect to have a total of around 50 shooters to participate.

The Colwood PPC Club, our PPC section of the Victoria Fish & Game Club, is proud to present the Vancouver Island Police Pistol Combat Championships for 2022.

Membership in CPCA is mandatory to participate.

We have great prizes, wonderful food, and an enjoyable atmosphere for all.

Friday Starts with the ‘Optics’ Match, followed by a “sighting-in” Session. .  Competitive shooting resumes on the Saturday morning, and finishes on Sunday in the afternoon.

For those who do not want to travel far to get to the range, why not bring your RV and camp at the range! You don’t have to worry about going home at the end of the night and you can stay and enjoy yourself at our banquet.


Range House

Rifle/Pistol Range

Shotgun Range


As of Friday April 8th 2022, all specific COVID-19 risk mitigation measures at the VFGPA are suspended, in accordance with public health directives.  This includes:

• Indoor physical distancing
• Wearing of masks indoor
• Proof of vaccination for all indoor courses

Thank you for your patience over the last two years!

Updated April 8th 2022