CANCELLED – 3D Shoot, 12 May 2019

The Archery discipline needs a director.

For more information call Douglas at 250-727 9735 after 5pm

The job is not overly difficult and can actually be a lot of fun but it takes dedication and attention to detail. The Past director had done is too long and the fun part had been lost so he stepped down but is still around to help the new director.

Here are some of the duties:

  1. 3D shoots. Traditionally VF&G does three. 2 in the spring and a turkey shoot on the shotgun field
    1. Dates are set in the fall to coordinate with the other island clubs;
    2. Plan the shoot
      1. Map out a trail for 20 targets (old maps are available and it is quite acceptable to reuse them)
      2. Buy some prizes for the draw table
      3. Put out some advertising
      4. Organize volunteers for set-up, shoot day and tear down
      5. Have a plan for lunch. I often use Mrs Tube-steak of Mark’s food delivery.
    3. Shoot day
      1. Get everyone parked and registered
      2. Make announcements (cheat sheet), blow horn to start and have fun. I usually got to do the shoot too
      3. Lunch announcements and any safety changes or shifting the shots
      4. Give out prizes and do draw
      5. Make sure the target animals get put away
      6. Deposit cash…
  2. Field and trail maintenance
    1. Target repair – mostly done by a few dedicated archers (you know who you are and thank you). Occasionally call a work party
    2. Maintain trails – mostly cutting dangerous or fallen trees or building new trails or bridges (very fun)
  3. Support VF&G events – provide an archery event for father’s day and other special occasions such as the Q radio station day
  4. Other groups – Often get calls from schools, cubs, etc wanting to do archery. Your decision to do what you want. I turned some down and took on others. It is fun as long as you weed out those looking for free babysitting
  5. There are lots of other things that can be done or organized – your call on which to take on.
  6. Often get people who want to try archery. I would meet them for a few hours and introduce the sport using our club equipment – it is fun and often we get a new member
  7. Archery has a $250 float that is available (now held by the VF&G treasurer)


A key point is that there is lots of help and as long as it is safe – all is good:

Current 3D schedule:

  • May 12 will be cancelled if no one steps up by 26 Apr
  • Dec 1 shoot I will hold open until the fall


The Archery Program at the VFGPA is under the direction of a small group of dedicated volunteers whose goal is to promote the sport of Archery as well as Bowhunting.

The area designated for the archery range, includes a field target range and a trail walk. The field range features butts for shooting at paper targets. The trail walk includes a number of targets in a treed setting that best imitates shooting conditions in hunting situations.

There are no formal meeting times for the archers on the range and it is open at all times except for those days that 3-D events are scheduled for that range.

Many of our members participate in the 3-D archery competitions on Vancouver Island as well as the mainland. The VFGPA hosts some of these events throughout the year. As with most events on the VFGPA Malahat Range, everyone is welcome to participate and/or come out to see what its all about. There is camping available for all the shoots at our range for those attending from out of town.

Keep your muscles tuned and your accuracy skills finely honed by regular visits to our events.

For more information, please contact our Archery Chairman, Doug Bell; e-mail