AGM Fee Increase Motion For Member Ratification

Given the investments and expenses outlined above, coupled with the future spending forecasts, your board has arrived at one simple and undeniable conclusion. We cannot continue to operate the range without increasing our funding base, and that funding base is derived almost exclusively from membership dues.

The board has conducted an exhaustive analysis of what is required to meet the current demand for range maintenance and life cycling of our material assets. We have considered the anticipated costs of upgrading facilities such as completing the new office facility and the 50m range, paving of access roads and parking lots, completion of the new office facility, as well as the requirement to increase our capital position so we can effectively negotiate mortgages for buffer properties in the near to mid-term. As a result of this detailed and meticulous review, we have determined that we must increase membership dues next year to cover our anticipated costs.

This increase will amount to less than $10 per month per member next year. This is equal to the cost of a large specialty coffee per month. Specifically, we will be seeking the following membership increases at the upcoming AGM, to be ratified by you, the members:

Adult Membership Currently-$200 2022 Rate-$300
Family Membership Currently – $235 2022 Rate – $350
Junior Membership Currently – $50 2022 Rate – $75
Senior Membership Currently – $100 2022 Rate – $175

We cannot overemphasize how critical this rate increase is, to ensure the continued operation and survival of our Association. These are not discretionary or contingency increases, they are needed to cover the increased operations and maintenance costs for day to day operations, to allow us to increase full time staff to service a growing membership of over 5,400 members, and to improve our capital position sufficiently to ensure we are in a position to qualify for short and mid-term financing to be in a position to purchase critical buffer properties, or portions thereof, as they come to market to ensure no residential development takes place adjacent to the range.

Your support for these proposed membership increases of less than $10 per month per member that will be presented at our upcoming AGM is critical to the ongoing and future operation of your Association. These increases serve to re-establish the historical relationship between the various fee categories and still offer access to all of our facilities for at most, $15 – $25 per month per member depending on membership category.

Upcoming newsletter articles will provide additional details on other key items for the AGM, including the proposed enhanced full time staffing model and proposed changes to the executive structure, all of which will also need your support at the AGM. Please read them carefully, and if you have any questions leading up to the AGM, reach out to your board and executive reps via the email addresses on the association’s website.

Thank you for your continued support. Please enjoy the use of your facilities in a safe and respectful manner. We look forward to seeing you and receiving your support at the upcoming AGM on the 18th of October at 7pm at the Strawberry Vale Community Center.