During the early period of settlement on southern Vancouver Island the abundance of fish and wildlife was abused and overused. Concern for the future of fish and wildlife spread. Immediately after World War I, a group of Victoria citizens, many of whom were returned servicemen, formed an association with the objective of protecting and conserving fish and wildlife.

The Victoria Fish and Game Protective Association (the Club) was incorporated on June 16, 1919. Since that time, the club has influenced governments in the wise use of fish, wildlife, and other natural resources. The B.C. Wildlife Federation, with whom we are affiliated, now conducts much of this effort today.  

Victoria Fish and Game

In 1946, the Club leased land on the Goldstream Estuary from the City of Victoria as the site of the clubhouse and .22 rifle and trap facilities. The clubhouse was completed in the summer of 1947.

In 1972, the Club’s leased property was taken over by the Province of B.C. and added to Goldstream Park. The Club’s last social event in the Goldstream clubhouse was a New Year’s Eve dance in 1974.

The Club purchased 166 acres at the top of the Malahat in 1969 in anticipation of government expansion of Goldstream Park. With the closure of the Goldstream facilities in 1975, the Club moved operations to our Malahat location and began long-term development of new facilities.