Victoria Women Shooters

The Victoria Women Shooters (VWS) was founded in 2011 by a group of individuals wishing to share their experiences and expand their knowledge of the world of firearms.  Under the umbrella of Victoria Fish & Game Protective Association (VFGPA) the group encourages participation at all levels by providing a low-key yet educational environment.   There is something for everyone, whether first time range visitor or lifetime shooter!


To support and encourage people to explore and enjoy all outdoor activities the Victoria Fish and Game Protective Association offers.


  • To help build skills – and therefore self-confidence – in the use of firearms through exposure to, and participation in, the various shooting disciplines.
  • To break down and remove societal (‘anti-gun’) stereotypes through education, personal involvement, and participation in shooting events.
  • To increase public awareness and acceptance of the enjoyment and positive influences of target sports.



The VWS is an integral part of the VFGPA whose 3500+ members include national championship shooters from all disciplines.  These avid sportsmen/women are pleased to donate their time – and usually their equipment – to educate, guide and encourage new members in reaching their goals.   Due to such generous people, new VWS members are not initially required to have firearms or licences.

Broader shooting experiences are available through events hosted by our fellow VFGPA clubs  so that our members can become familiar with these other clubs’ disciplines and all types of firearms, with the added bonus of also getting to know members of the greater VFGPA community.

It is expected that our members will gain enough experience and confidence to joinany of the disciplines which VFGPA offers, and that they will in turn lend their support to the next group of VWS newcomers.


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