Sept 15th Bill C-71 Town Hall Discussion

Town Hall Discussion on Bill C-71: The Firearm Owners Harassment Act?


Bill C-71 does NOTHING to combat criminal gang activity or terrorism in Canada, let’s talk.

Responsible firearm owner citizens must unite to ensure the preservation of our heritage, community, and our property rights.


Date and Time:         Saturday, September 15th, 2018 – 2pm

Location:                    Comfort Inn Topaz Room, Victoria, BC      Map: Comfort Inn

Speakers:     Gary Mauser, Professor Emeritus, BCWF Firearms Committee Chair

                       Tony Bernardo, Executive Director and Terry Green, Canadian Sport Shooting Association

                       Dave Collyer, Canadian Coalition for Firearms Rights

                       Vic Skaarup, BCWF Recreational Sports Shooting Chair

                       Bob Zimmer, MP for Prince George – Peace River – Northern Rockies

                       David A. Busch, Conservative Constituent for Saanich – Gulf Islands



  1. How the Government is misleading the Public on Firearms – Gary Mauser;
  2. What the Government Doesn’t Want You to Know about the Danforth Shooting – Tony Bernardo.
  3. Why Bill C-71 is an Assault on Law Abiding Firearms Owners – Tony Bernardo
  4. Why Calls for a Handgun Ban is Meaningless Posturing (and an insult to shooting victims) – Dave Collyer
  5. Comments from a representative of each Federal Party
  6. Panel Questions and Answers
  7. Call for Action – Vic Skaarup



  • Presentations and information sharing for media and attendees
  • Learn what the BCWF, CSSA and CCFR are doing to protect your rights
  • Hear from Members of Parliament and representatives from federal parties and their learn about their opinion and outlook on the rights of responsible firearms owners
  • Receive the tools you need to make your voice heard, learn how to meet with your local representatives, letter writing assistance
  • Coffee, tea, and friends


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