Range Safety Rules

The Victoria Fish and Game Protective Association operates one of the most heavily used firearm ranges in British Columbia. The primary purpose of the range is to promote marksmanship among our members. Shooters of diverse backgrounds must shoot safely together, sometimes without benefit of a Range Officer. As you have been given the privilege of using our ranges, it is your duty to know, understand and practice the VFGPA’s Malahat Outdoor Sports Facility rules, policies and guidelines.

Safety is our top-most concern:

In order to experience the finest your club has to offer, it is imperative that everyone using the facilities thoroughly understands the rules before visiting the various ranges. Failure to comply with the range rules may result in disciplinary action, including and not limited to a membership review. We strive to foster a safe and supportive and family friendly environment. This is what makes our club special, an environment where we support each other to enhance our recreational experience.

If you are a less-experienced shooter, please feel free to approach other members on the range to ask questions or seek clarification. For experienced shooters, if you see anyone who may have questions, please do approach your fellow shooters in a friendly manner to discuss procedures or safety.

If there is any clarity required, please approach the caretaker or contact a member of the board of directors for further assistance. A copy of the range rules is located at each range for your ease of reference.

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