Courses & Education


At Victoria Fish and Game Protective Association we strongly encourage safe firearm handling and firearm use through education and public awareness.

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Conservation and Outdoor Recreation Education (C.O.R.E.)

Is required for a hunting license. Please email to reach local Victoria area instructors for information.


Possession and Acquisition Licenses (P.A.L.)

Is required to own and possess firearms. Please contact one of the following people for more information;


Black Badge Course

The course is used to train competitors in practical shooting sport and gives the beginners the basic skills necessary to participate in IPSC competitions. For the next course contact Jerry Wong at (250)474 -2701 or by e-mail


Police Pistol Combat Course and introduction to handguns

For more information about the Shooting Sport of PPC and the Colwood PPC Club. Call Dom Piluso (250)386-0620 or visit their website: or mail:


Trap Access Program

Trap Machine Access for VFGPA Members only.

  • 40 minute Course
  • Cost is free
  • benefits;
    • gets your name on a Master List that allows you to draw keys for our $15,000. Trap Machines. They operate on Tokens like a vending machine.
    • Drop in, no Pre-Registration required.
    • additional info call Range Staff @ (250)858-8342 or the Club Manager David Michaud @ (250)888-5315
    • Check the Calendar for dates


Handgun Essentials Course.

A Basic Firearm Use Course (Handguns) considered next step after your Canadian Firearms Restricted Safety Course.

  • you need your own firearm,  and 100 rounds of ammunition.
  • course Cost is $20.00
  • register at the Club Office with your Course Fee (cash only please). (numbers limited per Course)
  • for more information call Range Staff @ (250)858-8342 or the Club Manager David Michaud @ (250)888-5315
  • check calendar for dates.  


Holster Course

  • VFGPA Requires ALL USERS of holsters on our Ranges to be Holster trained
    • this is a 2 hour Course
    • cost is $20.00
    • required to Pre-Register and pay course fee (cash only) in the Club Office. (numbers limited for each Course)
    • basic Equipment Required (handgun, holster that fits your handgun, 3 magazines,  2 magazine pouches, and 50 rounds of ammunition)  
    • additional Info call Range Staff @ (250)858-8342 or the Club Manager David Michaud @ (250)888-5315
    • check Club Calendar for dates.


South Island Action Shooters Range Safety Course

  • Successful completion of this three hour course allows you to compete in the South Island Action Pistol competition events.
  • Students must have a valid Restricted PAL, be members of the VFGPA club, or have purchased a day pass.
  • Pre-requisites are the Handgun Essentials Course and Holster Course, and you must be familiar with your firearm, or;
    • Previous shooting experience and holster course.
  • You will need the following equipment;
    • firearm
    • belt
    • holster
    • four or five mag pouches
    • 100 rounds of ammo
  • Course Cost is $20.
  • Register at the Club Office with your Course Fee (cash only please).
  • Check calendar for dates.