Black Powder – Malahat Marauders

Some members of the VFGPA are Black Powder firearm enthusiasts. This segment of our club is known as the Malahat Marauders. The Malahat Marauders are very active group that proudly promote the Heritage of our Country.

The Malahat Marauders reenact the mid-1800s fur-trading era by dressing in period costume and using firearms commonly used during fur trading times. Some of the members set up primitive camps with canvas tents and do their cooking over open fires. Black Powder firearms used by the Malahat Marauders are either Flintlock or Percussion muzzle loading rifles, trade guns, pistols and shotguns. Back in olden times the savvy use of “Knife and Hawk” (throwing knife and tomahawk) were also integral skills for survival.

Black Powder

The VFGPA Malahat Range features a great walking trail course for Black Powder firearms, as well as a Knife and Hawk trail.

Please email  Steve Southin  for more information about Black Powder Shooting and Events.