Bill C-71 Passes Second Reading

Bill C-71 has now passed Second Reading in the Senate, and will now undergo scrutiny in Committee.  

The job of the Senate is to scrutinize the legislation before it becomes law, and recommend changes to the MP’s in the House of Commons.  

In actuality, C-71 contains more and more restrictions on law-abiding citizens. While initially, the excuse/reason for these restrictions was to somehow stop gang crime and gang violence (which it will not do), the narrative in the House of Commons, and now in the Senate has changed to ‘helping to reduce firearm use in cases of suicide and domestic violence’.  

None of the provisions in C-71 will help the root causes of either of those situations.   C-71 has a number of problems embedded into the proposed legislation;  none of which address any of the ‘reasons’ which the Government is claiming they will do;  All of which will only further burden and persecute law-abiding firearms owners.  

C-71 forces us to apply for special Authorizations to Transport if our restricted firearms need repair, if we take them to a gun show, or if we travel and go to a border crossing.  These conditions are currently included in our ATT’s if we ask for them.  

This email is the second of six draft letters, each of them addressing one of the issues, and also asks for a response.    Please feel free to use the letters, but change it up by adding your own thoughts and ideas.   Please keep all responses serious, polite, and cordial.  A short list of Committee Senators is also attached.  Send your letter to one of the Senators on the Committee, and CC all of the rest.  

Please, this is vital to this fight and to keeping the property we have legally acquired. Act now!!  

Remember: Your property rights are at stake.  Your right to own firearms is at stake.  Your sports are at stake.   Your hobbies and leisure time activities are at stake.  The value of your estate is at stake.

Please help.  

Lisa NicholsPresident, VFGPA

And your entire Board of Directors, VFGPA

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