The Archery Program at the VFGPA is under the direction of a small group of dedicated volunteers whose goal is to promote the sport of Archery as well as Bowhunting.

The area designated for the archery range, includes a field target range and a trail walk. The field range features butts for shooting at paper targets. The trail walk includes a number of targets in a treed setting that best imitates shooting conditions in hunting situations.

There are no formal meeting times for the archers on the range and it is open at all times except for those days that 3-D events are scheduled for that range.

Many of our members participate in the 3-D archery competitions on Vancouver Island as well as the mainland. The VFGPA hosts some of these events throughout the year. As with most events on the VFGPA Malahat Range, everyone is welcome to participate and/or come out to see what its all about. There is camping available for all the shoots at our range for those attending from out of town.

Keep your muscles tuned and your accuracy skills finely honed by regular visits to our events.

For more information, please contact our Archery Chairman, Doug Bell; e-mail