Vision and Goals

Our Vision

Since 1919, the Victoria Fish and Game Protective Association has maintained a strong interest in hunting, fishing, shooting sports and conservation. This history and tradition continues to be deeply treasured and respected by our members. The Association’s facilities on the Malahat are a showcase of our breadth of interests and a commitment to the future of our heritage.

Our vision is for all residents of southern Vancouver Island to be proud to safely enjoy shooting sports and other outdoor activities as a family pastime, and to be actively involved with the stewardship of the great outdoors.

Our vision is for an effectively managed, vibrant and growing Association, open to all, which will offer broad benefit and enjoyment for members through a diversity of outdoor interests and opportunities while recognizing and supporting a major role in conservation of British Columbia’s natural resources.


To provide facilities for, and to promote, safe competitive sport, and recreational shooting, fishing, and hunting, while supporting the conservation of British Columbia’s natural resources as part of our Canadian heritage.

Our Goals

1. Provide a broad range of well managed and maintained outdoor activities for the enjoyment of our members and guests. These include facilities/ranges for trap, skeet, rifle, handgun, archery, pioneer days, trout fishing, casting, camping and allied pursuits as well as a clubhouse available for social, educational and general meetings and events.

2. Encourage youth and family participation in maintaining and enhancing opportunities to learn about and participate in shooting sports, hunting, fishing and conservation through wise use. We share our recreation enjoyment with youth and new members to assist them to broaden their experience and ability. We do this in part by offering well-established courses and activities with qualified instructors.

3. Emphasize that our Association is firmly based on our long history of social and environmental responsibility. While we have a strong heritage of hunting, fishing, shooting sports and conservation, our events are more often enjoyable socials than they are serious competitions.

4. Undertake and participate in conservation projects and issues to protect and enhance fish and wildlife populations and their habitats, and to ensure the public opportunity to enjoy them. We partner with industry, government and like-minded non-government organizations to achieve success. We interact with all levels of government on behalf of the welfare of fish and wildlife and the future of outdoor activities.

5. Manage the Association’s affairs and funds in a transparent and business-like manner to ensure the best possible benefits from revenue including membership fees, fund-raising and social/shooting events.

6. Expect that all members will share the considerable workload by volunteering and participating in Association events, socials, fundraisers and work parties.