The Victoria Fish and Game Protective Association (VFGPA) has a first class six-acre trap facility, situated directly in front of the log clubhouse. The trap field has five trap bunkers housing GMV Superstar automatic machines, holding 550 clays each.

Trap Shooting

Trap is a popular form of clay target shooting and is broken down into three categories: singles, doubles and handicap. The targets are thrown by a machine, covered by a trap house that is situated at ground level, at approximately 67km/h (42 mph).

For singles and doubles, there are five “stations,” each 16 yards (15.6 m) behind the trap house. In singles, each competitor shoots at five targets from each station. The trap machine oscillates left to right within a 22-degree arc, and the competitor does not know where in that arc the target will emerge. In doubles, the machine does not oscillate, but throws two targets simultaneously. Each competitor shoots at ten targets (5 pairs) from each station. In the handicap event, the machine operates the same as in singles, but the shooters stands anywhere from 19 to 27 yards away from the trap house. In most trap events, each shooter is allowed only one shot per target. On occasion, a ‘Doubles’ squad will be set-up, in which a shooter will shoot at two targets, which exit the trap-house simultaneously.

When shooting trap a squad of five will shoot 25 targets each for a total of 125 shots.

VFGPA uses machines which take specific tokens to activate the trap Machines. Tokens are available at scheduled practices for $5.00 each. One token will authorize 25 clays to be thrown, and will therefore last for one round of Trap.

The club hosts a number of official trap shooting events, including Vancouver Island Shooting League (V.I.S.L) and Pacific International Trapshooting Association (P.I.T.A) shoots. To participate in these official events you must be a paid up member in good standing with the Pacific International Trapshooting Association. We are also members of British Columbia Trap Association (B.C.T.A.).

Trap shooting practices are scheduled on a weekly basis. Check the website calendar for dates and times.

We will be holding PITA and VISL shoots – check the Complete Event Calendar for upcoming dates.

Other shoots and/or practices will be posted on our online calendar when they come up.