Rendezvous 2016: Fun in the Sun

This year’s  Malahat Marauders’/ VFGPA rendezvous took place over the BC Day weekend under a cloudless sky.  There were 47 shooters registered, and we seated about 60 for the Saturday evening dinner.  Due to fire concerns, we set up the ‘trails’ on the R/P range, with 20 targets ranging out to 100 yds.  Pistols were shot on the other end, also a 20 shot course.

New event to our club was the addition of a ‘fort shoot’.  Teams of four shooters entered the ‘fort’, from which they defended their position from  ‘hostiles’ while being careful not to shoot any horses, and providing themselves with possible game food.  Teams were allowed a maximum of 20 minutes to shoot all of the targets.  The team with the lowest time consisted of: Keith, Roger, Maurice and Steve, who managed to clear the field in 11 minutes or so.


Top Cub Bailey Drinkwater
Top Junior Dawson V.
Top Mountain Lady Dog Spit
Top Mountain Man Merlin
Best Rifle Ben Bagg
Top Trade Gun Dog Spit
H&K Shawn Valgardsen
Pistol Dog Spit
Cartridge Rifle Dog Spit
Mini Cannon Richard Crossley
Cannon Fred Hoenisch& Co.
M/L Shotgun Roby Petrie
Cartridge Shotgun Shawn Valgardsen
Archery Steve S
Sue B
Dawson V
Bailley D
Cannon Round Ballers’ (Keith, Roger, Maurice, Steve)


Many thanks to all of the volunteers who helped with all aspects of setting up and tearing down, to Perry for yet another fine dinner, and to the VFG staff who took care of the facilities.

Special thanks to the Mount Benson Buckskinners for the loan of their fort, and to Wayne and Sheldon of that club, who stepped up to transport it back to Nanaimo for us.




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