Rebirth of AirSoft Discipline

Over the past little while, many members of our range that have driven up to the Multi-Purpose range, will have noticed a bunch of “warriors” running around the clearing down the hill and to the right of the range … and yes, they are shooting at each other …

This is the rebirth of the Airsoft Discipline on our range …


  • Airsoft is a role playing, tactical simulation game similar to Paintball. However, Airsoft marker BBs are much smaller, at just 6mm in size, made of plastic and do not leave paint residue.
  • Game participants generally wear military style camouflage clothing and use equipment which looks very close to their real world counterparts.
  • Game types generally involve 2 or more teams each competing for an objective to “win the battle”.
  • Common scenarios include team elimination, capture the flag, escape & evasion, king of the hill and prisoner rescue.
  • Restrictions on muzzle energy and requirements for safety equipment allow players to shoot their plastic BBs at each other during game play without causing serious harm.
  • All ages are invited to come and try out the sport.  If you are under 16 years of age you will need a parent or legal guardian to participate with you on the field.
  • Organized game days and special events will be posted in the VFGPA Calendar.

Airsoft Range Rules In Brief:

  • You must know and obey all of the VFGPA General Range Rules and the Airsoft Range Rules.
  • The range is for Airsoft BB equipment only & BB ammunition must be biodegradable.
  • Paintball equipment is not permitted on the Airsoft Range.
  • Use a range with a back stop for any other type of air powered firearm.
  • Everyone is responsible for their own safety as well as the safety of others on the range.
  • Follow the directions of the Airsoft Range Safety Officer (ARSO) and the Umpires when they are on duty.
  • Eye protection must be worn at all times on the range anywhere beyond the parking lot.
  • The maximum gun elevation is 45° above the horizon.  Do not shoot towards the parking lot or roads.
  • Never shoot towards anyone who isn’t on the field and ready to play.
  • Unload your Airsoft gun and place the safety on whenever you return to the parking lot from the field.
  • Minimum Engagement Distances (M.E.D.) must be enforced during all games.
  • There are 3 Airsoft BB gun classes based on muzzle energy expressed in Joules:
    • Green @ 1.24j – 1.41j; MED @ 5’; Max BB weight @ 0.36g
    • Yellow @ 1.42j – 1.71j; MED @ 15’; Max BB weight @ 0.43g
    • Red @ 1.72j – 2.32j; MED @ 50’; Max BB weight @ 0.43g
  • “Mercy” must be offered when engaging a player at less than the M.E.D. for your gun’s class.
  • Lasers of any type, including gun sights, are prohibited.
  • Commercially made Airsoft BB grenades, BB mines, and marker dust mines are permitted.
  • Commercially made smoke grenades & sound grenades are only permitted when authorized by the ARSO.
  • “Homemade” BB grenades, BB mines, smoke bombs & similar devices are prohibited.
  • Always play with honor and call yours hits even when they are questionable.
  • Do not continue to shoot at players who have called their hits.
  • Body hits, including ricochets, count unless specified otherwise.
  • Weapon hits do not count unless specified otherwise.
  • Do not argue with, threaten or otherwise disrespect the other players; speak with an ARSO if required.
  • You may not switch armbands, or other team identifying devices, to “fool the enemy”.
  • You may not use another team’s challenge / response codes to “fool the enemy”.
  • You may not speak on another team’s radio frequency to “fool the enemy”.
  • Always clean up your garbage including cigarette butts and spent smoke grenades.

Further Information:

Anyone interested in Airsoft is welcome to join our Facebook page.  People who have questions or want to know more can post them on the Facebook page or email if they don’t want to post their questions on the Facebook page.


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