Clubhouse – Our log clubhouse has ample room for meetings, dancing, and relaxing with friends in front of a large fireplace. Meal preparation is easy thanks to a fully-equipped kitchen, while a covered BBQ pit sits just outside. The clubhouse may be rented for private functions by both members and non-members. The clubhouse is wheelchair accessible. Washrooms and showers are also available.

Rangehouse – Located behind the rifle range, the rangehouse is ideal for small meetings and training sessions. It includes a fireplace and small kitchen facilities.

Shotgun Range – Located in front of the clubhouse, the shotgun range incorporates five trap houses and a skeet layout with a 75″ duck tower. We also have hand clay throwers available for use.

Rifle/Pistol Range – This range is located on the mid-level area of the property. This is a dual function range with covered stations. The East side of the shooting gallery has target rails at 25 and 50 yards. The West side of the shooting gallery has target rails at 25, 100, 200, and 250 yards. Small bore rifle metallic silhouette rails are at 40, 60, 77, and 100 metres. Un-sighted or Rapid fire is NOT permitted on this range; all firing must be controlled & sighted.  We should mention that the left-hand (East) side of the RP Range is reserved for Silhouette.

Multipurpose/Pistol Range – This range, developed on the south side of the property, is designed to handle multiple handgun activities. There are seven 25-yard bays and 3 covered loading stations. All shooters must supply their own  targets at this range. All shooting MUST take place within the berms, towards rear; down range. Non-Members are not permitted access to this range without a Member host.

Archery Range – Located below the caretaker’s residence and the rifle range, bow shooters have access to both a standard target range and a 1km archery trail walk.

Knife and Hawk Trail – For those who wish to try their hand at throwing a knife or tomahawk, a trail and targets exists between the caretaker’s residence and the archery range. Access to the start of the trail is near the Rangehouse.

Airsoft Range – As you head toward the Multipurpose Range, the Airsoft Range is located on the South side of the property.  Members can use the range for setup, target practice or ad hoc games with other members & their guests any time of the year.  Organized game days are also held regularly on the range.

Frog Hollow – Located near the main entrance, this is the Club’s campground. Campsites are situated around a pond where fishing and casting practices may be pursued.  No hook-ups are available.

Caretaker – The permanent caretaker’s residence/office is located near the entrance gate and sign-in station, opposite Frog Hollow fishing hole.