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Message from the Technology Project Manager – Terrance Martin

In 2018 we will be building out our web site and introducing labour-saving internet technology to help out our over-worked volunteers.

The amount of effort invested as a labour of love in the operations of our club is no-where more apparent than with the stepping down of our membership coordinator Sonya Bell to take care of her other family. And that is what the club is to many of our hard-working volunteers – family.

To Sonya, Thank you! on behalf of the several thousand of us for whom you maintained membership records with no more resources than hard work and dedication. Your organizational efforts have set a bar that we can only try to copy with technology to take the club forward into another 100 years of success. As the person responsible for telling the machine how to do what you have done, I am quite sure it will never do the job as well or with your personal touch. We can only try to keep up. Thank you again!

To our new membership coordinator Eileen Bancroft – Thank you for stepping into the harness! I will do my best to make the work manageable by automating what we can (and if necessary, by pressing Doug into the service in ways he has not yet imagined). 

What’s new

Our first touch with technology is to provide the membership with a way to pay with a credit card. The payment portal is below.

The payment portal can be accessed online from your mobile device or any internet browser. Please pay in advance and make sure you have your proof of payment receipt available to show staff when you pick up your membership cards. 

Please note: Membership cards paid online are only available at the range office

For now, you will still need to fill in the paper membership application form when you pick up your membership card. Development of the online form will be guided by your comments emailed to me at

Terrance Martin, Technology Project Manager

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