Membership and Passes

The Victoria Fish & Game Protective Association is a non-profit club, managed and run by member volunteers. All members are encouraged to help contribute to the success of the club by volunteering some time, effort, and expertise to the betterment of the club, its facilities, and its goals and objectives.

Memberships are ‘Calendar Year’ and expire at midnight on the 31st December each year.

Benefits of Membership:

1. Access to our clubhouse and property, including:

  • Club activities and socials
  • Shooting ranges and trails
  • Camping and fishing in Frog Hollow
  • Meeting rooms

2. $2 million liability insurance to protect you from a third party claim while participating in outdoor activities. For details of specific coverage, see the certificate that is on our ‘Range Rules and Insurance’ page

3. Club newsletter highlighting current issues and activities.  

4. Automatic membership in the B.C. Wildlife Federation, with all the benefits of this largest and oldest province-wide conservation organization in B.C. This is an organization that will voice your concerns regarding your fish, wildlife, environmental, shooting, and other outdoor activities and interests.

2019 Membership Dues (as of January 1, 2019):

  • Adult (19 – 64 years): $185  
  • Family( including spouse and dependents under 18 ): $220     

Note;  A ‘Family’ is defined as a recognized couple with their dependent children under the age of 18.  Children’s names and year of birth must be listed on the Membership application form.  

  • Senior (65 years and up): $95    
  • Junior (18 and under ): $45        
  • Student (with current year Student card picture ID, or proof of current year enrolment ): $110   

** memberships are for the calendar year and are not pro-rated

**memberships must be on display at all times

Where can I buy a membership?

Memberships can be purchased on-line here:

Memberships purchased on-line will be issued by the Caretaker upon proof of payment, not at any other locations. Memberships can also be purchased with cash or cheque from the Caretaker, and at our Member Meetings. We encourage members to come on out and meet some like minded people!

Member meetings are held at 7pm at the Strawberry Vale Community Hall, on the third Monday of each month (except during July and August, see the calendar for dates).

Membership cards can also be purchased at:

Island Outfitters
3319 Douglas St. , Victoria, BC

Hours;  M-W; 9am-6pm,  Th-F; 9am-9pm, Sat; 8am-6pm, Sun; 10am-5pm

Please note that new members are required to take a range safety orientation course. These courses are free of charge, and usually take between 1-2 hours. To see when our next orientation course is scheduled, please see our online calendar.

For further information, email .

Non-Member Day Passes

Non-Member Day Passes

Day-Passes, to use the facilities, can be purchased from the caretaker. Day-Passes cost $50.00, and are non-transferable. A non-Member Day Pass will allow access to the Shotgun Range, the Rifle Range and the Archery Range only, and all facility use is ‘At Your Own Risk’. All range rules must be strictly followed. Non-Members must sign in with their Day-Pass number and keep and display the yellow copy of the day pass while using the range facilities. Take Note that a single $50.00 day pass can be used as credit towards a membership within 30 days of purchase.

Please Note: The visitors who have not purchased a Day-Pass will be asked to leave the Range and will not be given the opportunity to purchase a Day Pass.

**Firearms are not available for rentals

Members who bring guests

Members who bring guests to shoot or use the various ranges are required to purchase a one-time-use-only ‘Guest Range-Use Day-pass’ from the Caretaker (Currently $20) for each guest. These may ONLY be purchased by the member. The Guest name and the Member name or membership number will be on the pass. The member MUST accompany the guests when the Guest passes are in use. The member will be responsible to ensure that all safety protocols and range rules are followed. Use of a ‘Guest day-pass’ without a member present and supervising will result in revocation of the pass without refund, and the user will be required to vacate the range property immediately.

Note; arrangements may be made with the Range Officer or Caretaker in extraneous circumstances. Pre-arranging a convenient time to meet the Caretaker (for purchase) may be necessary. Breech of policy by the member may result in disciplinary action by VFGPA. Members are expected to follow the spirit of all Association policies, as well as correctly inform those who may not be following policy in the proper manner. Members are expected to encourage repeat Guest-pass users to become a member of the VFGPA. All facilities are available, and all facility use is ‘At your own risk’.



Juniors (under 18 years of age) who are brought to the range as guests are eligible for a preferred rate. VFGPA recognizes that youth is the future of our sports and identifies youth as a special group for involvement in the outdoors activities that our facilities promote. With this policy in mind, a single special nominal fee of $5.00 per youth/day is applicable. This pass must be purchased from the Caretaker. All Juniors must be escorted and supervised as per Canadian Firearms Laws.