Cowboy Action


The Victoria Frontier Shootists of the VFGPA

The Wild West is definitely still alive and well in the Victoria area. Many local enthusiasts participate in our hugely popular Wild West events at our Malahat Range.

The Victoria Frontier Shootists are the Cowboy Action section of the VFGPA and SASS affiliated. We host competitive shooting events throughout the year using authentic or replica pre-1898 rifles, pistols and shotguns. Frontier shooting is a sport that emphasizes period clothing as well as shooting. Each competitor assumes a unique western shooting alias and persona. Those who participate are encouraged to compete in the spirit of the Old West. It is one of the fastest growing shooting sports in North America.

Many people have a great affection for the Wild West era. We welcome your participation. Come and join us for some good ol’fashion family fun.


For more information, please contact Ashley Harrison aka Black Ashley at 250-744-4705 or by e-mail:



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Affiliated Cowboy Action clubs include:

Single Action Society (SASS) as the world-wide organizing body

The Valley Regulators, Courtenay, BC

Long Harbour Lead Slingers, Salt Spring Island, BC

Heffley Creek Gun Club, Heffley Creek, BC

Red Mountain Renegades, Mission, BC

Rocky Mountain Old West Shootists, Rocky Mountain House, Alberta