Cowboy Action

The Victoria Frontier Shootists of the VFGPA

Many people have a great affection for the Wild West era and the Wild West is definitely still alive and well in the Victoria area. Many local enthusiasts participate in our hugely popular Wild West events at our Malahat Range.

The Victoria Frontier Shootists host competitive shooting events throughout the year using authentic or replica pre-1898 rifles, pistols and shotguns. Frontier shooting is a sport that emphasizes period clothing as well as shooting. Each competitor assumes a unique western shooting alias and persona. Those who participate are encouraged to compete in the spirit of the Old West. It is one of the fastest growing shooting sports in North America.

We welcome your participation. Come and join us for some good ol’fashion family fun.

For more information, please contact Ashley Harrison aka Black Ashley at 250-744-4705 or by e-mail: ash_man@shaw


Victoria Frontier Shootists: Affiliations and Activities

The Victoria Frontier Shootists hosts a number of activities annually, including Cowboy Action (SASS), Wild Bunch (SASS), Long Range Rifle Side Match, and Cowboy Fast Draw (CFDA).

Single Action Shooting Society (SASS)


The Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) is an international membership organization formed in 1987 to preserve and promote the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting TM. SASS serves as the governing and sanctioning body for the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting and Wild Bunch Action Shooting TM worldwide – ensuring safety and consistency in the sport. SASS members share a common interest in preserving the history of the Old West and competitive shooting in a safe, fun, family-friendly environment.

SASS Wild Bunch Action Shooting


Wild Bunch Action Shooting shares similarities to SASS Cowboy Action Shooting. However, there are some notable differences. The sport uses 1911 Pistols in .45 Auto, Lever Action Rifles chambered for pistol caliber of .40 and above, and model 1897 12 gauge Pump Shotguns. Sanctioned matches are designed specifically to provide stage scenarios which incorporate down range as well as lateral movement, more pistol, and shotgun rounds fired per stage and a variety of reactive targets such as plate racks, dueling trees, moving targets and rifle/pistol knockdown targets as well.

Cowboy Fast Draw Association (CFDA)


The Cowboy Fast Draw Association, LLC is the largest organization devoted to the Sport of Fast Draw to ever exist. CFDA’s Motto is: Safety First, Fun Second, and Competition Third. Cowboy Fast Draw is a timed sport using a western style single action six shooter revolver in Colt .45, the only caliber allowed in Cowboy Fast Draw. The reason for only Colt .45 is for three reasons:

1.    At major contests, the host supplies all of the ammunition and there is no way to accommodate multiple calibers.

2.    Wax bullets are very light and smaller calibers would increase velocities significantly, which would create a competitive advantage.

3.    Historically, the Colt introduced the Peacemaker in .45 Colt and that is what our sport is based upon.

Cowboy Action Practices

These shoots are an opportunity for shooters new and seasoned to practice their shooting skills. Some skill building activities include:

·         Stages shall alternate between close targets for speed and targets at distance for accuracy (to prepare for SASS Nationals).

·         Pop-up targets shall be used for some shotgun stages

·         Transition coaching shall be done at some shoots

Circle Your Wagons Weekends

The weekend is also designed for those that want to camp to join in on the social aspect of the cowboy action shooting sport, to get in extra practice, and to get instruction and coaching from other members on the particular activity you are taking part in.

Main Match (Registered) Shoots

The host four registered shoots each year. These include:

·         Malahat Ridge is a one-day shoot held in February. It consists of six cowboy action stages and includes lunch in the registration fee.

·         Buffalo Shoot is a one-day shoot held in May. It consists of six cowboy action stages and includes lunch in the registration fee.

·         Headquarters (Salmonella Gulch) is a three-day shoot held in August. It consists of speed matches (pistol, rifle, and shotgun), 10 stages of cowboy action  shooting, over two days, long distance rifle (pistol caliber) out 10 100 yards, long distance rifle (rifle caliber) oy to 250 yards, and a Shuetzen competition.

·         Bunkhouse Shoot is a one-day shoot held in October. It consists of six cowboy action stages and includes lunch in the registration fee.

2019 Calendar of Events

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2019 Monthly Results


2019 Headquarters Shoot – August 23-25

Affiliated Cowboy Action clubs include:

The Valley Regulators, Courtenay, BC

Red Mountain Renegades, Mission, BC

Kamloops Target Sports Association, Kamloops, BC

Heffley Creek Gun Club, Heffley Creek, BC