Camping at the Range

DSCN1136Until last month, camping at the range consisted of pitching a tent, or setting up a trailer, in Frog Hollow … which, in the summer, means dust from vehicles coming in the front gate, or a hot sun beating down on you.

Starting in August of this year, we’ve begun developing the woodlands, both behind Frog Hollow and up the dirt road to the left of the Club House.

Its not an overnight project, but our first site is available, on a first come, first serve basis, for tenters.   The site is big enough for a trailer, but the road to get there isn’t suitable right now for one … but do not fear, we are designing the sites with trailers in mind, we just need to do some road clean up / improvements to allow for it.

This is just a start for us … we have another 4+ sites behind Frog’s Hollow currently under development, but figured we’d let people know that this is being worked on and at least one new site is available ‘in the woods’.

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