The Airsoft Club at the VFGPA exists to promote the sport of Airsoft – a tactical simulation game of force on force using weapons, gear and tactics modeled after their real military counterparts.  Restrictions on muzzle energy and requirements for safety equipment allow players to fire 6mm plastic BBs at each other without causing serious harm.

Gams types are generally; Scenarios – tactical situations to solve with objectives to achieve – and; Skirmishes – informal team versus team matches with the goal being simple elimination of the opposing force.

The Airsoft Field is located on the road to the Multipurpose Range.  Access is past the MPR gate and on the right before the road turns left up to the MPR.  There is a Gear Drop building where equipment can be prepared and stowed.

All ages are invited to come and try out the sport.  If you are under 16 you will need a parent or legal guardian’s consent and participation.

More information about Airsoft at the VFGPA and upcoming games scheduled can be found on Facebook at

What do you need to play?

    • Eye protection:

Eye protection runs the gamut from small mesh goggles to full paintball masks.  Regardless of what you wear it should be rated ANSI Z87.1 or better.

    • “Kill rag”:

A square of bright red cloth worn (typically on the head) to indicate that you have been hit and are not currently in play.  This will help prevent other players from firing on you as you make you way back to your starting (respawn) point.

    • Sturdy footwear:

To prevent ankle injuries when navigating the woods, hiking boots or similar are recommended.

    • Weapon:

An airsoft gun with a muzzle energy rating of no more than 1.6 joules – 415 feet per second when measured using 0.20 gram BBs.

    • Ammunition:

0.25 gram or heavier BBs are recommended in wooded fields with underbrush.  Depending on your style of play you might use a few hundred or a few thousand BBs in a day. Biodegradable BBs are strongly recommended. This keeps the field looking authentic, and is environmentally responsible.