The Airsoft Discipline at the VFGPA exists to promote the Airsoft sport in our community.  Airsoft is a role playing, tactical simulation game similar to Paintball which most people are familiar with. However, Airsoft marker BBs are much smaller, at just 6mm in size, made of plastic and do not leave paint residue. Game participants generally wear military style camouflage clothing and use equipment which looks very close to their real world counterparts.

Game types generally involve 2 or more teams each competing for an objective to “win the battle”. Common scenarios include team elimination, capture the flag, escape & evasion, king of the hill and prisoner rescue.  Game time limits vary depending on the scenario. Restrictions on muzzle energy and requirements for safety equipment allow players to shoot their plastic BBs at each other during game play without causing serious harm.

The Airsoft Range is located on the road to the Multipurpose (MP) Range.  Access is past the MP range gate. The Airsoft parking lot is on the right hand side just before the road goes up hill and turns left towards the MP bays.  At the far end of the parking lot is a green shed for game administration and gear drop off.

All ages are invited to come and try out the sport.  If you are under 16 years of age you will need a parent or legal guardian to participate with you on the field.

Organized game days and special events will be posted in the VFGPA Calendar. We have a public Facebook page which you can join to socialize with other Airsoft players, ask questions and receive notices of upcoming events:  VFGPA Airsoft Community Page

What do you need to play?

Eye Protection:
Eye protection is THE mandatory piece of equipment. You can’t go out on the field without it. Full seal goggles or glasses designed for Airsofting with an ANSI rating of Z87.1 or higher are required.

Most shooting glasses are not suitable for Airsoft activities because they leave too much of a gap around the eyes. That gap can allow a 6mm BB to get by during an odd angled shot or a ricochet. Standard sun glasses are completely unsafe for Airsofting. We recommend a minimum of a Z87.1+ rating. Please do not take chances with your eyes.

An Airsoft BB Gun:
You will need an Airsoft gun which falls within one of the permitted classes of muzzle energy. We recommend you start with an “off the shelf” 1.4 joule rated piece of equipment (which is our Green Class).  Please see the 2017 Airsoft Range Rules for a more detailed run down on what equipment is or isn’t allowed.

Biodegradable BB Ammunition:
We only permit biodegradable BB ammunition on the field. Please ensure the packaging says “Biodegradable” before you buy your BBs.  We also recommend you start with 0.25g BBs and then work your way up to heavier BBs as you learn the behavior and limits of your equipment.

A “Kill” Rag:
A square piece of bright red cloth large enough to be seen by the other players ~ usually 12″ x 12″ in size. The rag is dawned after you’ve been hit to let other players know they should stop shooting at you.

In addition to the required equipment above, we strongly recommend the following:

Face Protection:
A wire mesh mask, or at a minimum a thick scarf / bandana, which covers the mouth area to protect your teeth. Larger mesh masks can also offer ear protection.

Thick or Layered Clothing:
Even in hot weather you should consider layers of clothing or thicker clothing as well as tactical gloves. BBs can sting and leave welts if they hit bare skin even when fired from a distance. Nothing serious but the extra padding is often a welcome trade off against the extra heat.

Sturdy Footwear:
The terrain on the field is very rough in places and there is a creek which runs through part of the field too. Standard runners are not up to the task of protecting your feet and ankles under these conditions. Therefore, sturdy boots with good ankle support are highly recommended.