Action Pistol Shooting


Competitive Action shooting started originally in southern California in the late 1950’s. Today action pistol shooting is promoted in more than 75 countries around the world. Depending on where you are shooting, there are a variety of organizations which promote the sport of Action Shooting:

South of our Border, one of the main organizations is USPSA and you can find info on their website, 

In Canada, we have a variety of organizations and variations of the sport:

Information on IDPA in Canada can be found on their website,

Speed Steel shoots are held at Thompson Mountain, in Pitt Meadows Vancouver area.  Info at

The International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) can provide you with a recognized shooting sport through it’s National Sports Governing Body, IPSC Canada, and the Provincial Sport Governing Body of IPSC-BC         This year, we have two sanctioned IPSC BC Qualifier matches at our club.  They will be held on September 2nd & 3rd.  

SIAS host an average of six to ten club matches per shooting season, and two to three Independent Shooting League (ISL) matches.   Matches are typically held on a Sunday of every month from March to September.  If you are a new shooter, our club has a set of introductory courses that can ease you into the Action Shooting Sports;  we start you out with our ‘Handgun essentials course, then our ‘Holster’ Course, and then our ‘SIAS Safety’ Course.  These ‘stepped’ set of courses will give you the confidence to try Action Shooting, and encourage you to take the final step, which is an IPSC ‘Black Badge’ course.  

There is always someone to talk to for support or information as members vary in age and skill.  We have a couple of  Training Instructors on the Island that can provide you with a two-day Black Badge course:  successful completion of this course will supply you with an IPSC-BC membership for the year that you complete the course, which allows you to shoot all sanctioned IPSC-BC matches.    Learn how to use your handgun safely and in a recreational atmosphere that will bring you together with others who enjoy the sportsmanship found in handgun ownership, action shooting, and IPSC Competition.

Safety is Paramount

Through the 2 days Black Badge course, you will learn how to:

  • Draw a handgun from a holster
  • Shoot it with two hands, right hand, and left hand
  • Speed reload
  • Move and reload
  • Shoot around barricades
  • Shoot both kneeling and prone
  • Move and shoot
  • Shoot moving targets
  • Shoot reactive steel target

Contact Jerry Wong for more information on taking your Black Badge course and upcoming course dates.

Practice Sessions and Matches are held throughout the year, at the Multipurpose/Pistol Range from 9am – 4pm, with stages setup being on the previous day. Come on out and see what it’s all about.

If you are not familiar with this particular shooting sport, you are really missing some fun. Action Shooting tests the skill and mindset of young and old, experienced and new shooters alike.  For more information on this sport, check out IPSC Canada and ISL sites or contact us directly by e-mail


IPSC Handgun Rules

Current IPSCBC House Rules