K-12 Cavemen Camp

We are working on developing our K-12 Cavemen program, joining hunting and fishing with STEAM Ed.

Video Introduction

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The K-12 Cavemen day camp is an outdoor hand’s on science, technology, engineering, industrial arts, and math (STEAM Ed.) education program designed to spark a life-long interest in, and an intuitive feel for the tool-assisted application of ‘hard’ academics that are a prerequisite for many professional career paths.

Forestry, mining, oil & gas, and utilities are all resource industries that operate on working landscapes and employ highly educated people with these skills. In turn, extracted resources are the root of the supply chain that consumes STEAM skills to deliver manufactured goods and technologies that improve the state of all of humanity and reduce our impact on the environment. It all started with humans using a rock.

Teaching self-sufficiency and reliance, as our camps develop, activities will include our “bring your junk to camp” program, in which campers will repair things and/or generally destroy them to make new things out of junk. With a little help from cavemoms and dads, campers will be able to take their skills home and make repairs around the home cave.