Contact: Terrance Martin, Access Chair

February 10, 2018


Full 2018 agreement documents

Timberwest has restricted access to VFGPA members only. A BCWF direct membership is no longer valid for access. You must have a full VFGPA membership, and all key-holders will have to re-register through the payment portal ($25 annual fee) and attend the range to sign a new waiver and update key cards with the new schedule. Smartphone keys update over the air, but you will still have to attend the range in person to physically sign the waiver prior to exercising access.

Please call ahead or range staff may not be able to accommodate you. 250-858-8342 Adam Piluso is the club contact for issuing access keys, and is in on Friday and Saturday.

We are also working towards a number of improvements, such as equipping the Kapoor gate and possibly establishing a camp site. The upside is it is now an annual agreement, so the the annual key fee comes with a term that more than 4 times as long.

The 2018 guest registration form with link to the agreement and map is here:

NOTE: Under the new terms everyone MUST be a VFGPA member, including guests!

To register for access and pay the annual fee visit: 

As an additional benefit of registration we will provide a geo-referenced pdf map, which by itself is worth more than the key fee. A geo-referenced map can be marked up with GPS tracks and pinned with geo-referenced pictures on a smartphone or tablet, and with some manipulation can be imported into many GPS devices. (The map provided on the above link is not geo-referenced)

The link to the geo-referenced map is on your online payment receipt.

Example of geo-referenced mark-up

Old News:

For immediate release

October  20, 2017

Vancouver Island Hunting and Fishing Access Permitted on TimberWest Land for BC Wildlife Federation and Victoria Fish and Game Club Members

Sooke, B.C – The BC Wildlife Federation (BCWF) is pleased to announce a Hunting and Fishing Access Agreement between its Affiliated Club member the Victoria Fish and Game Protective Association (VFGPA) and TimberWest Forest Corp.  The agreement allows licensed and insured members of the VFGPA and BCWF access to TimberWest’s private timberlands for hunting and fishing activities until December 10, 2017.

“BCWF and TimberWest have a long history of working together, and this Access Agreement is particularly noteworthy because it acknowledges the trustworthiness of our members,” said, Harvey Andrusak, President of the BCWF. “It is a precedent setting example of what can be achieved by club volunteers and a progressive, community-minded company. We are happy that we are piloting a Hunting and Fishing Access Agreement on TimberWest’s private lands on Vancouver Island, and we look forward to rolling the agreement forward in 2018.”

Access has been granted through the Butler Gate, north of Sooke, B.C., from one hour before sunrise on any Saturday, Sunday or statutory holiday, to one hour after sunset that same day. BCWF and VFGPA members will have access to several thousand hectares of land for hunting and fishing activities. The Butler Gate has been outfitted with an electronic gate locking system, which will allow BCWF members or VFGPA club member’s access through an electronic Bluetooth key fob, or smartphone App. This electronic gate system will monitor and secure the working forest from trespassers, and should help solve illegal dumping, theft, poaching, unauthorized use of Off Road Vehicles, vandalism, illegal camping and wild fires.

“We are pleased to partner with the BC Wildlife Federation and the Victoria Fish and Game Club,” said Jeff Zweig, President and CEO of TimberWest. “These associations share TimberWest’s focus on safety and environmental responsibility. This access agreement represents another example of how forestry and recreational activities can coexist positively.”

Trusted BCWF members care about the environment and have been highly critical of those who leave behind garbage or those who engage in property destruction or theft of company equipment. The recently developed BCWF Conservation App is available to smartphone users to report any environmental infractions encountered while recreating outdoors.

To learn more about BCWF membership, or membership to the VFGPA please visit:

Web: and


The Victoria Fish and Game Protective Association (the Club) was incorporated on June 16, 1919. Since that time, the club has influenced governments in the wise use of fish, wildlife, and other natural resources. Much of this effort today is conducted through our affiliation with the B.C. Wildlife Federation.

Media Contact: Victor Skaarup, Victoria Fish and Game Protective Association

Phone: (250) 743-3504 Email:

About TimberWest

TimberWest has over 100 kilometres of public trail access through its private land by way of access agreements with various organizations. TimberWest has been operating for over 100 years on the BC Coast. All its public and private forest lands are third-party certified under the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. TimberWest is privately owned by two leading Canadian pension funds.

 Media Contact: Monica Bailey, Director, Communications

Phone: 250-716-3744


About the BCWF

The BC Wildlife Federation (BCWF) is B.C.’s oldest and largest conservation organization, with 50,000 direct and club members representing 10 regions of the province.  The BCWF vision is:

  • Leading the conservation and wise use of B.C.’s fish wildlife and habitat
  • Protecting the rights of hunters, anglers and outdoor enthusiasts
  • Promoting a heritage of conservation through education initiatives
BCWF Communications

Tel: (604) 882-9988 ext. 233

 The BCWF is British Columbia’s largest and oldest conservation organization with over 50,000 Members passionately committed to protecting, enhancing, and promoting the wise use of the environment for the benefit of present and future generations.

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